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MLA Toolpost (MLA-23).

This is a toolpost of the popular "quick change" type for pre-mounted tools. But this one is not expensive and can be made by the amateur machinist with ordinary shop equipment. Just the lathe may be enough if it is able to do some milling. No parts require heat treating.

Made according to instructions, the toolpost will perform as well as, or better than, the best commercial toolposts that can be bought. When the body expands to grip the toolholder, the toolholder dovetail is gripped on both flanks. There are no interposed pieces, no wedges or plungers. The toolpost and the toolholder are like a single block of steel. A light pull on the handle positions the tool where it is wanted; a further pull locks the toolholder. There is no reaching for a wrench. It's all done with one hand.

The toolpost kit is for fitting lathes from nine inch to about twelve inch swing, or for a tool center height above the compound mounting surface of (roughly) between one inch and one and one half inches. The kit supplies all materials, screws, drawings, instructions, etc., for making the toolpost and two toolholders. Other toolholders can be added as desired for turning, boring, and parting off operations, as shown in the drawings.

Drawing only (Post Free) ... $6.00