Rear Mounting Toolpost

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The rear toolpost mounts on the rear of the cross slides S-4382 and A-ll (as well as other cross slides with "T" slots, as are found on some imported lathes), and may hold either a cut-off or form tool. Its direct mounting and rigidity permit cut-off and form turning operations that are generally not possible using ordinary tool mounting methods. It is easy to install and to remove when not needed. The iron casting for machining the rear toolpost measures 5 3/4" high to accommodate lathes of 12 inch or greater swing. A drawing and machining instructions are included with the casting.

Shipping wt. approx. 9 lbs.
$45.50 plus shipping
Drawing only $6.00


Above, REAR MOUNTING TOOLPOST mounted on the S-4382 "T" slot cross slide with a cut-off tool (topslide compound removed)

Domestic (U.S.A.) Canada
(limit of 20 lbs.)
17.05 54.65 INQUIRE

The above rates are FLAT RATE Priority Mail.

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