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This large capacity boring and facing head measures 4 x 3 1/4 x 4" long and has three 3/4" diameter tool mounting holes. Offset travel is approximately 1 1/4 inch. Thus, using the outer mounting location, holes up to six inch or larger diameter can be bored. When the automatic facing feed is engaged the head is displaced at a feed rate of .0025" per revolution. The boring and facing head can be used on the lathe or milling machine, or both, depending on the arbor used. The nominal mounting hole is 1 1/2-8 T.P.I. The kit for making the boring and facing head includes three iron castings, material for the feed gear (star wheel), feed screw nut, and gib. Also included are two 6-32 by 1 1/4" feed nut mounting screws, drawings, and illustrated instructions.

Shipping wt. approx. 18 lbs.

$103.50 plus shipping
Drawing only $13.50 :


MLA-7Above, BORING THE TOOL MOUNTING HOLE IN THE BORING AND BALL TURNING TOOLPOST (MLA-13). The boring head makes an easy job of what otherwise might be difficult. In this operation, the lathe, with its power feed, is in effect a line boring machine. A hole bored in a piece mounted on the lathe spindle may or may not be true in size clear through. One can be practically certain it is when it is line bored.

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Left, BORING AND FACING A BEARING BRACKET USING THE BORING AND FACING HEAD (MLA-7) This operation was done in a single set up. The hole was first bored using the Boring Head boring mode; then, using the facing mode by gripping the facing ring, the bearing boss was faced square with the hole. The bracket, too large to swing in the lathe, was mounted on the Boring and Milling Transfer Block (U-12), which in turn was mounted on the Cross Slide (S-4382). Trepanning operations, such as making "O" ring grooves, are also possible using the Boring Head in the facing mode.

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