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s4382-1 CROSS SLIDE (S-4382)
The S-4382 "T" slot cross slide kit equips South Bend 9 inch and 10K lathes, as well as some Logan and other lathes, for milling and line boring operations. It also permits mounting a rear toolpost (such as the MLA-6) and the milling base (S-4382A) to take full advantage of a milling attachment(such as the MLA-5). Even those who have a milling machine should consider a "T" slot cross slide to extend the capacity of the lathe for line boring operations. The dimensions in the illustration are those of the cross slide received "as cast," which should be compared with the dimensions of the existing cross slide to determine suitability. Allow at least 1/16" for machining allowance. All existing hardware items, such as the present feed screw nut, can be used with the new cross slide, except that it is recommended a full length gib be used for best performance. Three "T" slots and four tapped holes give mounting locations on 1 5/8" centers. Kit includes iron casting, drawing, and machining instructions. A milling machine is required for machining the cross slide. Material for making the long gib plus nine 10-32 gib screws and jam nuts can be supplied with the S-4382 and A-11 cross slide kits for an additional $8.00, no additional shipping required if sent with kit.

Shipping wt. approx. 13 lbs.
$65.50 plus shipping
Drawing only $6.00

Domestic (U.S.A.) Canada
(limit of 20 lbs.)
17.05 54.65 INQUIRE

The above rates are FLAT RATE Priority mail.

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