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The milling base accessory mounts on the "T" slot cross slide S-4382 to permit more flexible use of the milling attachment (MLA-5), or standard South Bend milling attachment, by providing a wide range of mounting locations in addition to the location provided by the topslide mounting hole. Although optional for mounting the milling attachment on the S-4382 cross slide, the milling base is an absolute requirement for mounting it on the A-11 cross slide. The kit for making the milling base includes an iron casting and drawing sheet. No machining instructions are provided nor are ordinarily required, since the milling base mounting system is simply a duplication of that of the standard South Bend cross slide. The photo shows the milling attachment mounted on the milling base on the S-4382 cross slide. Note the forward mounting location that cannot be provided except when using the milling base.

Shipping wt. approx. 4 lbs.
$32.50 plus shipping
Drawing only $6.00

MLA-5 and S-4382AAbove, THE MILLING ATTACHMENT (MLA-5) MOUNTED ON THE MILLING BASE (S-4382A) to mill a slot in a cover plate.
Domestic (U.S.A.) Canada
(limit of 20 lbs.)
17.05 54.65 INQUIRE

The above rates are FLAT RATE Priority Mail.

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