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This 8 1/2" diameter faceplate can be fitted to lathes with spindle threads from 1 1/2" to 2 1/4" diameter. The faceplate has a deep rim which allows it to lie flat on the workbench to aid in setting up workpieces (note: some lathes may not permit mounting with a full depth rim, in which case the rim may have to be trimmed back). The casting for making the faceplate is stress relieved cast iron with cored "T" slots. The faceplate can be machined on the lathe except for finish machining the "T" slots which requires a milling machine. Besides the casting, the kit for making the faceplate includes drawings and machining instructions. A drawing is included showing how to make a centering accessory (at right in the photo). (Note: the angle plate at the left in the photo is a item sold separately. See description below.)

Shipping wt. of faceplate kit approx. 15 lbs.
$75.50 plus shipping
Drawings only $7.50

S-5879 and S-5879A
Above, the FACEPLATE shown with the centering fixture and the
S-5879A ANGLE PLATE. See the separate entry for the description
of the ANGLE PLATE, sold separately.
Domestic (U.S.A.) Canada
(limit of 20 lbs.)




The above rates are FLAT RATE Priority Mail.

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