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The boring and milling transfer block is a workholding set-up fixture measuring 3 3/8 x 3 3/8 x 8 1/2" long. It is hollow cored with strengthening ribs inside and cored bolt slots on two sides. The other two sides can be drilled and tapped for workholding as required. It can be mounted on its end or sides. It is seem at the right in the photo, mounted on the S-4382 "T" slot cross slide
in a set-up for milling a dovetail. The kit for making the transfer block consists of a stress relieved iron casting, drawing, and instructions. A lathe of 9 in. or greater swing is required for machining it.

Shipping wt. approx. 15 lbs.
$80.50 plus shipping
Drawing only $6.00

Above, Maching the dovetails of the MILLING ATTACHMENT (MLA-5)
"V" way base using the TRANSFER BLOCK (U-12). In this operation the depth of the cut was controlled by removing shims that had been placed between the workpiece and a 1-2-3 block mounted on the TRANSFER BLOCK. The dovetails were made paralled by traversing the first side machined with a test indicator before making the final cut. This was a typical milling machine operation performed on the lathe.

Domestic (U.S.A.) Canada
(limit of 20 lbs.)
17.05 54.65 INQUIRE

The above rates are FLAT RATE Priority Mail.

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